Good Old Fashioned Email – Second Life

The SLED lists are some of the more interesting resources I’ve found. The nice thing is that you never know what you’ll get. One day, folks are talking about Distance Learning and the next there might be a number of announcements about an upcoming event in SL. One of the best parts of these resources is the timeliness – in addition to being active. The folks who use this old-fashioned mode of communication are generally active in email land and SL. The lists you’ll find here include:

  • Second Life Researchers List.
  • Educators Working with Teens Mailing List
  • Healthcare Support and Education Mailing List
  • Non-Profits Mailing List
  • Corporate Use Mailing List

As a Mac user, one recent topic I’ve been following discusses how best to configure and use a Mac with SL. Hopefully, this will be a full post here down the road.

One more plus, you can read email in RL while you’re taking a break from SL.

From a constructivist perspective, email has some excellent properties. In the case of this somewhat specialized set of subjects between highly motivated individuals, this form of communication is highly collaborative.

The downside is that as a form of communication it is fairly limited. While one can include HTML, email is not particularly interactive. Also, there can be a bit of lag – learning and communicating takes much time in email land.


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