The Exploratorium is Edulicious!!

So I’m having a conversation with my kids today on the way to their YMCA summer camp. It turns out they are going to one of my favorite places – the Exploratorium. They tell me its one of their favorite Y outings, and when I ask why they like it so much, my oldest says that the Exploratorium is “Edulicious”. I’ll spare you the “my kids are brilliant” write-up for now… though I am certain he made up the word on the fly.

Edulicious – WOW, what a great way to sum up the Exploratorium. Edu – as in education, clearly that’s a part of what happens when you go… but the licious as in delicious gets at the experience of going to the Exploratorium even more. Kinda like constructivist learning – something kids and adults really like that’s also good for them!

Kudos to the folks at the Y for taking the kids – and the folks at the splo for all the cool stuff you have going on!!


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