The only good dissertation is a finished dissertation

I’ve followed Danah Boyd via her blog for a few years now. Dana’s work popped up on my radar when I started to do a bit of research around Second Life for a course I was taking in constructivism.  For as long as I’ve followed Dr. Boyd (yup, Dr., as in the only good dissertation….) she’s been working on her dissertation (teen use of social networking sites). Last week Danah completed her dissertation (or at least published it on the web) and is done with her PhD!

While I have yet to read her magnum opus (Taken Out of Context: American Teen Sociality in Networked Publics), it was great to see that Danah has finished her PhD. I can only imagine what a great feeling that must be.

Tomorrow morning I begin the last semester of coursework in my doctoral program (Ed. D.) and its time to get down to the business of constructing a plan for my dissertation (an uneasy feeling, to say the least). Seeing that Danah has completed her dissertation is great motivation. While I have not plans to tackle a topic as wide ranging and all encompassing teen use of social networks for my dissertation… (boil the ocean why don’t you Danah) I am planning to come back to this post and remind myself that the only good dissertation is a finished dissertation.


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