Tweets with my Tweeple in the Twitterverse

I’ve been on Twitter now for about 3 weeks and the learning curve has been steep. Twitter is not IM, or Facebook, or a blog – I think it’s all of those things and more. This week I finally got to a point where I feel comfortable using it and more importantly contribute to the Twitterverse along the way. All this Twitter talk new – there are good introductions all over the web try here and here.

A few examples if how Twitter is working for me. Yesterday, I started a conversation on Twitter with a gentleman in New Mexico (I’ve never met him in person, but I have been following him for a few weeks) about library schools. After a few Tweets, the discussion moved from Twitter to Facebook. The same day, another conversation started on Twitter about the future of technology in libraries with a great guy I’ve know for 5+ years but had never connected with on Twitter. Once again, the conversation moved to a prolonged discussion on FB.  In both cases, the conversations began on Twitter and moved into longer, richer conversations.

I have done my best to keep my little network as manageable as possible. At this point, I am not interested as much in the number of followers  I have or the number of Tweets I make. For me it’s all about the connections –my network of library folks and education folks.

Here’s a little visualization of my network.

Twitter is an awesome tool, if you’re willing to invest the time and are just a little curious.  While it’s not as user friendly as Facebook or MySpace, it has its own unique vibe. If you’re on the fence – give it a try. And if you’re just jumping in, give it some time. Either way – hope to see you there.


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