Open Textbooks – Preparing for a Presentation

Following up on a post I made here a week or so ago, I have a presentation next Tuesday to our Provosts Council on Open Textbooks. A few of my colleagues have heard me test-drive this presentation a few times and it is coming together. While feedback so far has been good, I still don’t think its as solid of a case for considering open textbooks as it could be. If you have some time, please take a look and let me know what you think.

A little background on the logistics of the presentation – I’ll be handing out printed examples I (McAfee) and II (Illowsky & Dean) at the beginning of the presentation (paper copies/examples of open textbooks) and I have about 15 minutes to make my case.

Update: There seems to be a problem viewing the embeded Slideshare with Firefox. Works for me in Safari. Direct link here.


3 responses to “Open Textbooks – Preparing for a Presentation

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