Open Textbooks Follow-up

I presented earlier in the week to USF’s Provosts Council on Open Textbooks.   The presentation was well received and it looks like a group of us will continue to develop the idea at USF.  The VP of IT and the academic leadership team were very supportive (of open textbooks specifically and the library as a whole) and I got a nice shout-out for my presentation here.

Thanks to Shawn Calhoun for bringing up the topic of Open Textbooks for discussion at the Provost’s Council this week. Shawn gave a very informative presentation, which I have provided a link to in the new “Resources” section in the right hand column. I am now finding open textbook and e-book sites all around. Some of the more interesting ones: Flatworld Knowledge and Connexions.

Thanks Tracy!

I’m releived that the prospect of open textbooks (an idea that is evolving into ‘open education resources‘ – thanks to J.P. Allen) was well recieved and its time to start gearing up for the next phase.


6 responses to “Open Textbooks Follow-up

  1. Nice job, Shawn. I’m glad you’re pushing this forward at USF.

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  4. Great stuff! Glad to hear that you are pushing for this!

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