We live in Shakespearian Times

Ok. I had one of those weeks. Drama, sloth and “we’ve always done it that way” spirit all around. But I just kept pressing… ’till Friday when I just a bout took my toys and went home. I resisted. But why?  Fast forward to this morning. The indomitable Jenny Levine posted this:

Block me, and I will go around you. Build a wall, and I will build a door. Lock the door and I will break a window. And if I don’t have have a leader to inspire me, I will lead. If I don’t have a team that will support me, I will recruit a team from beyond the organizational boundaries – every policy has a loophole, every system has a hidden reward.” [Dave Lankes ::  The Participatory Librarianship Starter Kit]

Thanks Jenny and Dave. Much apprecaited.


One response to “We live in Shakespearian Times

  1. Thanks, Shawn. I’m glad you found Dave’s post as inspiring as I did. Keep making doors. 🙂

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