Open Educational Resources Continued :: Richard Baraniuk and Connexions @ Rice University

Over the last few weeks I’ve posted a few times about OER and Open Textbooks. As I continue to think about where OER might lead and working out ideas for an upcoming faculty brown bag on the topic, I stumbled across the following TED talk.  In the video below Dr. Baraniuk explains the vision behind Connexions, the OER platform at Rice University.  Connexions was one of the first sites I spent a good amount of time with months back when I started looking into OER.

While I’ve seen more than my share of great Ted talks this year, this one hit close to home.  I only whish Dr. Baraniuk would have spent more time addressing peer review and tenure/promotion in the context of OER. I found that the presentation passed by these issues a bit to quickly.

And if you don’t know about TED –  Technology, Entertainment, Design – check them out.

On a separate note, I had a great conversation with the folks at OER Commons today via Twitter (@oercommons). Although I missed the OER conference down the road in Monterey a few days ago (use #oer2009 for a Twitter search), I’m catching up with the proceedings online. And since OER Commons is local, I hope to find ways to work closely with them down the road.


2 responses to “Open Educational Resources Continued :: Richard Baraniuk and Connexions @ Rice University

  1. Hi,

    On the issue of peer review, Connexions has a feature called “lenses” where organizations and individuals can select, tag, and comment on materials in the repository. If the lens is an “endorsement” lens, then it implies the materials are reviewed and approved. See . One example of a peer-reviewed set of open content in Connexions is found at

    We are actively working on strengthening the lens system and engaging the community around exactly the issues of peer review and tenure evaluation that you bring up.


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